Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Pictures

Here below a few pictures of The Amazing Spider-Man (aka Spiderman 4, which is actually a reboot of the franchise):
(Click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Are you impatient to watch the Amazing Spider-Man movie?


Anonymous said...

I don't like that he has web spinning devices - if he turned into a spider this should be a part of him - but it was strange how the last spiderman was able to shoot through his suit. So it's a loose topic. The device is distracting - you think about how it works instead of what he is doing with it. wouldn't it have limitations? What if the electrodes gets wet - will it still work? Anyway I think the movie will do good for the first day only because of the curiosity of the change up in staff. It's too soon for this to come out. Do it in 10 more years. When Tobi is even older. This seems like the same story all over again. But hey - it might work - but ditch the web devise - yea the toys will make a hit, but I like the original. I don't think I'll go to see this.

Anonymous said...

I will not watch it, in protest for changing cast. The new spidermanis a wheeney.