Thursday, November 1, 2007

Spiderman 4 hires Zodiac screenwriter

James Vanderbilt has been selected by Sony Pictures to pen the screenplay of Spiderman 4.
It is said that Sony has chosen Vanderbilt for his character-driven approach to the story rather than a focus on special effects.

Vanderbilt's last movie, Zodiac, shows indeed such skills. Besides he is currently woking on Wolverine, and without any doubt, we can be sure that he's going to have a lot more experience of the comic-superheroe world.

It sounds like that Spiderman 4 plot will more emphasize its plot than the previous third installment of the Spiderman movie series.


dub said...

i think you should incorporate the sinister six in the next movie with cameos of daredevil,punisher and captain america.storyline it a little then show why the lizard.chameleon,rhino,electro,shocker and the hob goblin are all after spiderman.maybe from some sort of bad past they all have with each other.insert a a couple of allies like blackcat and firestarr to help him take down the array of villians.maybe blackcat could grow feelings for spidey which in turn gives an outlook to the whole story and drags the plot further.

Anonymous said...

I do think Venom should return and that was probably what was intended by the conclusion of the third Movie. I think dealing with the Lizard and Venom would be awesome but not likely for the next movie. There will probably be two minor villians and one main villian in the next. Secondly the third film wouldn't have been so bad if not for the theatrics leading away from the story and the crap ending.

Mr. P said...

nah, save that sinster 6 idea for spiderman 6.

Ain't It Cool said...

To dub:
First of all, you couldn't have cameo's of Daredevil (20th Century Fox), Punisher (also 20th Century Fox), or Captain America (Marvel), for they all are owned by seperate companies. Spider-Man is owned by Columbia and therefore none of what you said could take place.

dps67 said...

if there is to be an ali for spider-man I think it should be Wolverine since in both the cartoon and comics spidey did work with x men. In cartoon it was jaugernaut

filkfam said...

i think there should be some random person who gets bitten by a spider like spidey him self, but uses the power for evil. then spidey will have to face his own power. but spidey should have an ally like some super girl so later the love comes between them but mary jane gets angry!!!!!!